Aquachem V9.7

Software zur Planung, 
Auslegung, Dimensionierung
und Beurteilung von

Software for planning, layout & dimensioning of water treatment plants.

design and dimensioning of water treatment plants
waterchemical assessment
design and dimensioning of storage systems
data output in text files possible
checking and recording of analysed dates
Depending on your requirements, the basic module can be combined with up to 6
different additional modules to a modular system.

Basic module

over 80 input parameters / analysis values and calculated values
calcultion of el. conductance at different temperatures
checkup and filing of water analysis
converting of all popular dimensions in the water analysis (°aH, °dH, ppm TH, mol/m3, etc.)
monitoring of all input values according to TVO – or individual limit values
presetting of individual limit values with an additional tool
converting of mass, length, energy, pressure etc.
calculation of carbonate balance
corrosion calculation according to DIN50930 / EN12502
balance of analysis anions / cations
softening through sodium-exchange
conductivity by ionic strength
oxygen-saturation as f (Temp, O2)
total hardness as f (Ca,Mg), hardness range
carbonate, noncarbonate-hardness
sodium by ionic balance
sodium saltening during softening
HC03 / CO3 – concentrations
CO2 free, excess CO2
pH-calculated, pHL, pHc, delta pH, SDI, calcite dissolving capacity
buffering intensity, ionic strength, sum anions and cations
mistakes in analysis in % and absolute
checking of the values subject to one another
conversion of dimensions in water analysis

Module filtration / iron and manganese removal

layout of filtration plants by sand or charcoal up to 4 filters parallel
consideration of temp., Fe or Mn-conc in raw and treated water
aggregates layout for filter rinsing
calculation of rinsing air and water amounts
creation of individually rinsing programs
oxidation by: air – oxygen – ozone - hydrogen peroxide and others
calculation of:
filter flow velocity, filter diameter and contact time by taking account of: layer height, grain diameter, pH, and temperature
filling amounts, masses, surfaces etc.
layout/design of oxidiser

Module deacidification - 1 chemical methods

Interpretation of Deacidification plants by :
Filtration through dolomite or marble , backwashing , replenishment , ect .
Addition levels of alkali content

Module deacidification - 2 physical methods

Interpretation of Riesler , -and- Flachbettbelüfter plants
Entcarbonisierungen by acid dosage
Adding / metering of Co2

Module disinfection / dosage device

adding of disinfectant:
chlorine - chlorine dioxide - sodium hypochlorite solution - ozone - hydrogen peroxide
free choice of concentration to be used
chlorine degradation - calculation of amounts for different reductants
HOCl building in function of pH
dosage of acid and lye with calculation of pH-value, salt content etc.
acid/lye – neutralization
layout dosage device:
calculation of the size of the dosing pump and dosage tank
calculation of consumption
dosage rates as 100% product and by conc(x)

Module mixed water calculations

calculation of the composition of mixed water from up to 5 different waters
creating of mixed charts of 2 kinds of water between 0 - 100 % mixing
calcite saturation-data, ionic concentration, corrosion chemical data
miscibility of waters with similar composition (DVGW W-216)

Modul pipe dimensioning - with tank design and calculations

dimensioning of piping
calculation of pipe dimensions and flow rates for pipe installations
E.g.: raw water pipe, collecting pipe, muddy water pipe
presetting of v-max, free choice of the pipe diameter
calculation mode with preset tolerance range
storage layout (weight, surface, filling volume etc.)
calculation of storage data depending on the pressure stage
layout of filters – weight, surface (inside, outside), filling volume etc.
amount of nozzles
calculation of pipe volume, flow rates and contact time
additional Tools GWP (limit values) and DEW (search for file contents)

Module deacidification

deacidification by: filtration, alkaline-dosing or physically
filtration by different kinds of marble or dolomite
calculation of quantities, and water quality after process
display of pH-gradient during dosing of lye or acid
calculation of filter data
deacidification up to DC < 5 mg/l or target pH-value
closed and open filtration plants up to 4 filters parallel
decarbonisation by dosage of: HCl, H2SO4, CO2
rinsing the filters
calculation of:
filling amounts, material consumption, contact time, etc

dosage of acid to adjust the balance
dosage of HCI - H2SO4
dosage of carbonic acid

Modul reverse osmosis

calculation/simulation of reverse osmosis systems
for up to 2 different waters
calculation of quality, feed, permeat and brine
osmotic pressure
dimensioning of pumping stations

GWP specify own limit-values for AQUACHEM

with the additional Tool: GWP up to 2 different limit-lists could be specified. AQUACHEM will control all input values by your individual limit values. (ex. in-house or other regulations). furthermore you could specify the free parameters on the input masks >parameter-2< and on >parameter-3< - these are entered automatically when calling the program AQUACHEM.
also the free parameters will be controlled.

DEW files: searching for file contents – managing files
this additional tool is for to find files with search criteria like: file name, file entries, or analysis
values of files createt by AQUACHEM



searching for file names and parts of the file name in directories
crating date of the file/analysis
project name and number
text within remark-text of the file

the search criterions could be specified as: name/word begining with
name/word contains searching from to

parameters: searching and listing of parameters in files by concentration range
ex.: analysis with nitrate from 3 to 12 mg/l
or: analysis with nitrate >10 mg/l and oxigen < 5 mg/l

Module: SEC reactor rapid carbonization

Preliminary test to see if quick carbonization is possible
Dimensioning of a reactor with 2 cylindrical shots
Dimensioning of: mixing chamber, mixing aperture, top shot
Calculation throughput speeds, metric sizes, volumes, dwell times
Optimization of the calculated reactor
Clear presentation of the calculated values ​​on the reactor diagram
Calculation of the chemical parameters based on DVGW W-235
Add lime or caustic soda. Calculation of:
Consumption quantities / m3 / h / a at adjustable concentration
Accumulation of CaCO3, calculation of waste: softening, volume fractions,
Ca, Na, Ks4,2, Kb8,2 anion quotients, calcite dissolving capacities (10 ° C, 90 ° C)


quick layout of various kinds of water treatment plants
checkup and improvement of existing plants
converting of plants to diferent water-compositions or mixtures
specification of the work spectrum of a plant within an area, e.g. for Fe, Mn, CO2
elimination of overdimensioning through calculation with additional factors of safety
elimination of unnecessary additional costs such as an oversized pump or piping - through accurate dimensioning of all plant components
calculation of water-parameters e.g. pH-value, carbonic acid, calcite solubility through a few analysis values
checking of the water-analysis to avoid mistakes and misinterpretation
quick overview and statement to features of chemical corrosion or to softening of waters
specification of all lime-carbonic acid-balance parameters
enormous saving of time with calculations through comparison of different layout versions
specification of minimum application of chemicals during disinfection and chlorine decontamination, thus less pollution of the environment and cost reduction
quick checkup of dimensions in offers and possible cost reduction through improvement
print-outs of the results with your company name and simple data transfer in word processing software for further processing
the program is structured in modules – you only pay for the software components that you need

For Win 9x / ME/ NT /2000 / XP / 7
USB access needed
design and dimensioning of water treatment plants
waterchemical assessment
design and dimensioning of storage systems
data output in text files possible
checking and recording of analysed dates
Depending on your requirements, the basic module can be combined with up to 6
different additional modules to a modular system.

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