Office and practice organizer 3000

Software Pack 5 120






Version 4.4  

  • For surgeries, offices, craft, distribution, freight forwarding, law firms, management
  • Clear display a whole week with individual adjustment opportunities
  • Individual practitioner or weekdays by clicking Hiding and Showing
  • Up to 6 appointment groups of 3 clinicians in each group
  • 3 to max. 18 doctor per day, each with its own scheduling
  • Manage up to 150 dates per column and day
  • Search tools for finding event dates
  • Identification of leave or absences, autom. Show the Holidays
  • Setting of font size and color for display.
  • Processing of double dates possible
  • Individual specifications for the construction of the planner on opening times and deadlines intervals
  • Password award
  • Dates on certain days of the week award
  • Printout of all events according to different criteria
  • Data Backup, Backup
  • USB Stick - transmitted Dates
  • Date processing of all stations in the network
  • Adaptation to different monitor sizes up to 24 inch.
  • Create and manage a reminder list
  • News settle in network