Software Pack WABI 120 165

WABI software invoiceWABI software for invoice, offer, AB, + inventory for online retailers
With this software, you have an efficient program for sales - online trading. For online retailers, and small business owners.

- Fast billing for goods sales or services
- Incl. offer, order confirmation
- Recording, inserting the address data via copy, paste or manually
- Plausibility check of the address data
- Quick entry of invoice items (via self-created goods list) and Totals, net prices and VAT
- Calculation of VAT, gross, net prices
- Specification of invoice numbers with autom. continuation
- Calculation of term of payment with specification of the days
- Attach an internal note to each invoice
- Recording of any header
- Control of the inventory
- Note when the minimum stock quantity is reached
- also for small entrepreneurs according to § 19 Ustg
- create monthly or yearly overviews
- List of items sold in bel. Period by quantity
- Review of multiple customer purchases (by postal code, name) within a selectable period

further features:
- Setting up, archiving, printing from: invoice, offer, order confirmation
- create a monthly overview of sales
- List of items sold in bel. Period / sortable
- create a sales year overview
- maintain an inventory with stock and planned stock
- setting of footnotes, period of payment, small business, invoice number, Print header