contract programming

Together with you to develop and we create individual software solutions on the procedures operated and business processes -

from simple applications to complex software projects.

During development, we pay attention to modular expandability of the software, as well as on a bedienerfreundliche- and appealing surface.

We develop specific application scenarios AAUs technical and scientific areas such as: physics - chemistry - Radiochemistry - mathematics - process engineering.

In the past we have created solutions for the following industries:

  • Chemistry + Anlagenbau
  • Utilities + carmakers
  • medicine
  • Architects + planners

Examples of software solutions:

Software for the design of mechanical engineering equipment

Calculation of water chemical processes and equilibria

Energy balance calculations

Chillers and systems / energy inputs, optimization

Measurement characteristics and evaluation

Costing and billing software

Encoding / decoding

Management of electronic system access


Call us - after a description of your ideas on the implementation of operations

We provide a non binding offer with the development costs in various stages of development.

We are happy to visit you for a personal interview in your office.