heating water

Software Pack 7 120







Software for heating water (NEW)

Heating water features


With this software you have an efficient program for the area of ​​water chemistry and heating water.

The software finds users in: Planning offices - heating engineers - installers u.a.

and supports you with:

Assessment and control of the water quality of food and circulating waters
- Checking your measured values ​​such as pH value, p value, m value by different calculations (eg pH value from Ks8,2)
- control and archiving of analysis data
- Internal plausibility check for entered measured values ​​and analytical data
- Calculation of pH, Ks values, carbonic acid forms such as bicarbonate, carbonate and carbon dioxide
- Calculation of total carbonate and non-carbonate hardnesses
- Dimensional conversions of units such as mol / m3, ppm, g / m3 ° dH, ° eH, ° fH, ° aH, ppm CaCO3, mmeq / l and others


With the software heating water or other little buffered water can be controlled, documented and, above all, compared with the created chemical measurements.
The software compares and calculates the pH that you measured with the electrode. In particular, in low-buffered waters (low conductivity!), It is often very often in practice
difficult to accurately determine the pH.

Entered values ​​are checked - and if there are computational discrepancies - a corresponding warning is issued.
The software carries out internal plausibility checks after every entry and immediately calculates further - or dependent - parameters as well as carbonic acid forms.

- Overview of analyzes up to 8 analyzes side by side in overview

Calculated values ​​- pH from Ks-Kb value for T entered
- pH from Ks8,2 at 25 ° C
- pH at 25 ° C from measuring pH
- Carbonic acid forms HCO3, CO3 CO2-free and surplus
- saturation index SI
- Total hardness SE, carbonate hardness, non-carbonate hardness
- Convert dimensions


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