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Software for heating water (NEW)

Heating water features


With this software you have an efficient program for the area of ​​water chemistry and heating water.

The software finds users in: Planning offices - heating engineers - installers u.a.

and supports you with:

Assessment and control of the water quality of food and circulating waters
- Checking your measured values ​​such as pH value, p value, m value by different calculations (eg pH value from Ks8,2)
- control and archiving of analysis data
- Internal plausibility check for entered measured values ​​and analytical data
- Calculation of pH, Ks values, carbonic acid forms such as bicarbonate, carbonate and carbon dioxide
- Calculation of total carbonate and non-carbonate hardnesses
- Dimensional conversions of units such as mol / m3, ppm, g / m3 ° dH, ° eH, ° fH, ° aH, ppm CaCO3, mmeq / l and others


With the software heating water or other little buffered water can be controlled, documented and, above all, compared with the created chemical measurements.
The software compares and calculates the pH that you measured with the electrode. In particular, in low-buffered waters (low conductivity!), It is often very often in practice
difficult to accurately determine the pH.

Entered values ​​are checked - and if there are computational discrepancies - a corresponding warning is issued.
The software carries out internal plausibility checks after every entry and immediately calculates further - or dependent - parameters as well as carbonic acid forms.

- Overview of analyzes up to 8 analyzes side by side in overview

Calculated values ​​- pH from Ks-Kb value for T entered
- pH from Ks8,2 at 25 ° C
- pH at 25 ° C from measuring pH
- Carbonic acid forms HCO3, CO3 CO2-free and surplus
- saturation index SI
- Total hardness SE, carbonate hardness, non-carbonate hardness
- Convert dimensions


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linear regression u . nonlinear functions

with LINREG them is a useful application of the method of least squares are available - the description of a set of experimental data by a curve or a theoretical formula to obtain a linear or non - linear relationship which best fits the data - when possible small errors .


LinReg consists of the parts of the program :

  • linear regression
  • Nonlinear functions - straight - equations



Evaluation of measured values ​​and detecting the measured value characteristic

Calibration of measurement systems by linear regression

Detecting contexts within a series of studies

Representation of processes with linear or non- linear relation


Calculating a mathematical equation by y = ax + b or optionally for a non - linear relationship until 9 polynomial by:

                   Y = A0 + + a2x2 a1x + a3x3 ..... + amxm


Creating a formula from a value table

Examples : - Creation of characteristics for pumps

- Calibration curves for Photometry - polarimetry - AAS - etc.

  - Preparation of performance curves for machines ,

graphical representation of curves with manual change possibility of coefficients


Creating a mathematical relation of graphic templates for acquisition

in computer programs


linear regression


- Mathematical relationship of value pairs as a function of x by:

   f ( x) = ax + ​​b for straight lines with and without intercept ( b = 0) possibility

   calculating force with by 0/0


- Error for the slope and intercept .

- Error for each measured value in % and absolute.

- Correlation coefficient.


Graphical representation of the calculated function on the screen - at variable

Axis geometry

In order to optimize the calculation of additional pairs of values ​​can be appended , deleted or changed .


non-linear functions

For the presentation of functions and technical processes with mathematical operations in a non-linear curve.


Creating a formula from a value table with nonlinear history

Detection of operations with non-linear character



   - Creation of curves or absorption curves

- Performance curves for machines

  - Forming Calculations n in a degree function.


For a number of measurements a mathematical function is calculated to 9 polynomial.

Graphical representation of the calculated function on the screen


Line equations

manual drawing straight in the coordinate system

Target of slope + intercept or 2 points

Calculation of intersection, intersection angles, axle breakdown

Representation of parabolas with X / Y symmetry and form Y = ax² + bx + c




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convenient management


Logical organization

Office and practice organizer 3000

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Version 4.4  

  • For surgeries, offices, craft, distribution, freight forwarding, law firms, management
  • Clear display a whole week with individual adjustment opportunities
  • Individual practitioner or weekdays by clicking Hiding and Showing
  • Up to 6 appointment groups of 3 clinicians in each group
  • 3 to max. 18 doctor per day, each with its own scheduling
  • Manage up to 150 dates per column and day
  • Search tools for finding event dates
  • Identification of leave or absences, autom. Show the Holidays
  • Setting of font size and color for display.
  • Processing of double dates possible
  • Individual specifications for the construction of the planner on opening times and deadlines intervals
  • Password award
  • Dates on certain days of the week award
  • Printout of all events according to different criteria
  • Data Backup, Backup
  • USB Stick - transmitted Dates
  • Date processing of all stations in the network
  • Adaptation to different monitor sizes up to 24 inch.
  • Create and manage a reminder list
  • News settle in network